draw of a cross

for Maire 


Too young to die!

A silent cry.

No power regained,

no strength remained.

And in the end

your life-thread rend.


Occupied in body and mind

with survival and that kind,

weakened, radiated and drugged -

which on your determination tugged.



How old have you been?


How many years have you lived?


And how many days did you die?



The time to fight,

day and night

to deny, to oppose, to refute, to fear

your cancer is over now, my dear.


We know: we will follow.

The house feels hollow,

every corner, the walls, the floor,

evaporates recollections and more.


We are left with our grief!

We still can’t believe

that you are gone –

but life has to go on.


Your picture slowly fades away,

but still we think of you every day -

and in our memories you may stay

forever young.

©Sabine van de Sand, 2016-07-23