Dear Bill,


I thought I’d have all the time of my life

to talk to you, see you forceful and thrive,

see you growing wise and also old,

getting your pensions, seeing you bold

and happy, to throw your tools in the Bay!

But NO: you were rigidly snatched away

by a cruel and gruesome whim of fate -

every attempt for rescue came too late.


Thinking of you my self-control is gone,

so I’ll rather remember the good you have done:

As working for free for people in need

in Africa and in Templenoe, indeed.


I only knew you for ten years,

solving every problem that appears

in our Hostel and likewise house,

if any electricity*-dilemma arouse.

“Unconventional” your solutions might be -

and more than moderate was your fee.


I really don’t know much of your life:

you have three lovely girls and a wife**.

Did you ever think: “What will they say?”

By leaving them so early? And in this way?

Causing them so much of a pain -

every thought of normality now is in vain.


I have to be grateful that I at least

knew you at all. And I am pleased,

to present the lesson, your example taught:

neither get lost in what past has brought,

nor be afraid what the future will bring,

enjoy the present! And you will win!


I am still shocked, my heart still starts to cry

nevertheless my eyes stay dry,

remembering how you left this earth:

gone is your energy and mirth

your manliness, your force, your pluck -

why, the hell, did you hunt that damn duck?


Still I am stunned and I cannot believe,

will there ever be a relieve to that grieve?

You belong to this life, how could you be dead?

How just is that?                   

                It is only sad!


*and heating, and plumbing, and...

**also lovely, you know best!

©Sabine van de Sand, 2016-01-31